PostHeaderIcon The Most Effective NBA deadline Trades of 2016 (1 of 2)

In reviewing the most effective trades at the NBA trade deadline I compiled a list of teams that I felt were the most noteworthy and would help those respective teams as the 2015-16 season gets closer to the playoffs. The first team that I felt had the most effective moves were the Orlando Magic. I believe they are a team to watch in the near future.

The Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons progressed by trading (PF/SF) Tobias Harris to the Detroit Pistons for (PG) Brandon Jennings & (PF) Ersan Ilyasova. How you may ask do you get value in trading two players for one? Well here we go:

Orlando Magic receives: Brandon Jennings (the focal point of the trade) a proven point guard who can also play the combo guard position and score at anytime he chooses to. Also with the young guard Victor Oladipo there Brandon Jennings can serve as a tutor for the newly acquired coach Scott Skiles and the system he would like to put in place. Brandon Jennings was drafted 10th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2009 when Scott Skiles was the coach and thrived in the system that was put in place by that coaching staff.

Detroit Pistons receives: Tobias Harris a (PF/SF) depending on what system Stan Van Gundy uses but he has a player with versatility in the “Bigs” category who can defend and score at both ends of the court. Van Guny’s style of coaching seems to benefit the Center and Forward positions as he is from the classical mold of the 80’s and 90’s style of play. I think Tobias Harris will thrive in that system.

“YOU KNOW” my number two team “YOU KNOW”….lol pardon me people in my vlogs but im getting used to the recording thing. I promise I will be better. Thanks for riding with me EARLY!!!!!!

The Los Angeles Clippers has shuffled their team mid season at the NBA trade deadline as they have made the deal with the Memphis Grizzlies to swap Lance Stephenson & trade considerations for Jeff Green (the focal point of the trade).

LA Clippers Receive: Jeff Green a versatile ( PF/SF) who can score in bunches and not only in the respect that he (Jeff Green) has played for Doc Rivers in his tenure with the Boston Celtics he is now seasoned in the game a gene that Rivers seem to thrive from and Green has talent just as long as you pair him with responders who understand how to develop him moving forward.

Memphis Grizzlies Receive: Lance Stephenson a (SG/SF) who has length size and strength and an overall natural ability of the game. His biggest knock is his focus during the season and the playoffs. Doc Rivers took a gamble by signing him but for whatever reasons it didn’t work. I believe they both have respect for one another.

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