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First I want to preface this by saying I pride myself on being Brooklyn’s favorite stepson……lol I am extremely happy for the borough and the Nets in uniting the franchise with each other. When I was a kid I remembered the Nets playing in Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale Nassau County. Now they are in the legendary borough of BROOKLYN and I love it.

So let’s talk basketball. Nets are ready to position themselves to get Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks which is obviously a cog in the piece of retaining Deron Williams (Good move in my opinion), and the Nets are looking to sign Dwight Howard. If they do not get Joe then go for Andre Iguodala in Philly. This will assure the Nets playoff contention along with excitement in the new arena for the next few years. Gerald Wallace has already been locked into a contract, and they are trying to re-sign Gerald Green so that would give the Nets (if all is as planned) D-Will, Dwight Howard, G. Wallace, and Gerald Green. Im just saying NYKnicks is going to have their hands full in games as well as competing for the city of New York. With all of the Brooklyn Nets paraphernalia flying off the shelves they are quickly becoming a popular team. The Nets as an organization is becoming a whole movement.

Let’s just say the Nets do not land Dwight Howard (which seems far fetch to me) they still have the possibility of Deron Williams, “Iso” Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Gerald Green, and Brook Lopez! Nets fans can live with that (I think). This 20012 free agency is beginning to look very interesting.

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