Hello everyone welcome to Basketball Junkie, your forum for Basketball talk and information set by the average fan for the average fan. It has been a long time passion of mine to have meaningful dialog with people about the game I love. A dear friend of mine who’s opinion I respect and she is probably one of my biggest fans suggested I do a blog. I wasn’t sure how to do one so after some research here I am.

JSayWord is a nick name used by some of my friends. J (is just the first letter in my name Jermal), and Say Word comes from my belief of standing by things that you say. If any of my friends needed me to do anything for them they always ask “J can you give me your word on that?” A man is only as good as his word. Thus me having the moniker known as JSayWord. I thought it would be most fitting for this forum.

Up until now we’ve read blogs, news articles and other Internet rumor mills which had many analytical views pertaining to the game from the professional perspective.  Here at Basketball Junkie we are the everyday Joe’s who will contribute conversation to what sports analysts on major television networks don’t. We’re the B-ball lovers who want to show off our own analysis.

I hope you enjoy all the blogs to come and that this is a start of a beautiful friendship for a very long time. So Be blessed and a blessing my friends.